Peafowl Hatching Egg


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March 28, 2017 UPDATE

We will most likely not have peafowl hatching eggs available in 2017 due to losing several of our peahens to predators recently.  Please check back with us in 2018 as we re-establish our flock.  Thanks!

Our flock of Peafowl are allowed to free range across our 10 acre farm, therefore, we cannot guarantee specific colors or varieties for the hatching eggs.  

We have the following Peafowl:   India Blue, India Blue Pied, White & Black Shoulder

Sorry, but we DO NOT ship hatching eggs outside of the US.  We ship only to the lower 48 states in the US and do not ship to AK or HI.

Hatching eggs will be shipped via USPS Priority mail on Mondays or Tuesdays to ensure that they are not sitting at a post office over the weekend.  They will be packed with bubble wrap and paper and/or newspaper and the package will be clearly marked "Fragile - Hatching Eggs".

Hatching eggs must be paid for at the time of ordering and checkout.  We do not accept checks or money orders for hatching eggs due to the short laying season for Peafowl.

If your eggs are damaged during shipping, please take a photo of the damaged eggs in the original box and email us at:  info@moonlightvalleyfarm.com immediately.  

We will include hatching instructions with your order, but please remember that we will not be responsible for your individual hatching success as there are too many factors that can affect hatch rates.  Please allow the eggs to rest for 24 hours before incubating.

Please Note:  Shipping can be hard on the embryo and may affect the hatch rate.  Please understand this before purchasing any eggs, whether from us or other online sources.