Daylily FAQ

Q:  When can I plant my daylilies?

A:  Daylilies can be planted in the spring, summer and fall.  Generally, you should wait until your last frost before planting in the spring and in the fall, you should plant a few weeks before your first frost to give the plants time to acclimate before a freeze.  When planting daylilies in the summer, it is best to trim the foliage to approximately 5 - 6 inches and make sure that they are watered regularly.  Under extremely hot and dry conditions, it is best to apply a layer of mulch to help maintain appropriate moisture levels.  

Q: Where do I plant my daylilies?

A: Daylilies LOVE sunshine!  However, they can be planted in areas that only receive part-sun or partial-shade.  In full sun, the blooms will be profuse and abundant.  There are a few darker colored varieties that do best when they receive mostly morning sun, as the strong afternoon sun can sometimes fade the blossoms.  Daylilies are not finicky about the type of soil they are planted in.  They will thrive in clay, sand, shale, etc.  As with all plants, daylilies will perform better if organic matter is amended into your soil.  This can be in the form of composted manures, kitchen compost, worm castings, etc.   Daylilies are one of the easiest perennial flowers to care for and can be planted in virtually any garden!