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January 11, 2018 UPDATE

We have some GORGEOUS geese this year in our flock of 26 Sebastopols!  We added 3 new bloodlines and the curls are phenominal!  Please visit us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/MoonlightValleyFarm/  for updated pictures of our geese.

Our Sebastopol geese should begin laying with the next month or so (typically mid-late February).  We will be listing a limited number of hatching eggs each week for immediate shipping.   Please watch the website for availability.

2018 Hatching eggs are $12 each plus $9 shipping for the first egg and $2 each egg thereafter.

We do not take reservations or waiting lists for hatching eggs due to the demand and time sensitive nature of hatching eggs.  

If you need to contact us, please use the contact form (via email), as we are unable to return the vast amount of phone calls that we receive for folks wanting to know when eggs will be available.  We are primarily a "hobby" type farm and all sales of eggs go directly back into the farm for feed and expenses.  We hold full-time jobs as well to sustain our small farm, which limits our time for phone calls.

Payment is due at the time of ordering.  Eggs will be shipped in the order that each order was received. Each year we sell out of Sebastopol hatching eggs, and if our geese have stopped laying and you have placed an order, you will be notified and given a full refund.

We cannot guarantee which colors you will receive since all of our geese are free ranged together in a large pasture and allowed to naturally breed on our farm pond.  Our flock of 21 Sebastopols consists of:  smooth breasted white, curly breasted white, lavender/grey splash, buff splash, & buff saddleback.


Sorry, but we DO NOT ship hatching eggs outside of the US.  We ship only to the lower 48 states in the US and do not ship to AK or HI.

Hatching eggs will be shipped via USPS Priority mail on Mon, Tues or Wed to ensure that they are not sitting at a post office over the weekend.  They will be packed with bubble wrap and paper and/or newspaper and the package will be clearly marked "Fragile - Hatching Eggs".  Please Note:  WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY USPS DELAYS or handling of the eggs once they ship.   By purchasing eggs from us, you agree to these terms and understand that there are risks in shipped eggs and post office handling and delivery delays.   

Hatching eggs must be paid for at the time of ordering and checkout.  We do not accept checks or money orders for hatching eggs due to the short laying season for Sebastopol geese.

Hatching eggs and daylily orders must be placed separately due to shipping separately.  If you have any questions, please contact me prior to placing your order.

If your eggs are damaged during shipping, please take a photo of the damaged eggs in the original box and email us at:  info@moonlightvalleyfarm.com immediately.  

We will include hatching instructions with your order, but please remember that we will not be responsible for your individual hatching success as there are too many factors that can affect hatch rates.  Please allow the eggs to rest for 24 hours before incubating.

Please Note:  Sebastopol Geese are more difficult to incubate and hatch than most other water fowl.  Shipping can be hard on the embryo and may affect the hatch rate.  Please understand this before purchasing any eggs, whether from us or other online sources.

Thank you!

Moonlight Valley Farm, LLC


Sebastopol Geese are listed on the American Livestock Breeds Conservacy as a "Threatened" endangered heritage goose species

We are proud members of the Livestock Conservancy.  For more information about rare and endangered livestock, please visit them at:


Sebastopol geese are very rare! They have curly feathers & blue eyes, but some geese will have smooth breasts due to genetic traits. We have both curly and smooth breasted geese on our farm. Sebastopols are usually all white, but can come in other colors as well. We offer Sebastopol goose hatching eggs from our flock of 16 geese from 6 different bloodlines including the famous Holderread Lines. Most of our geese are white, however we also have buff and grey genetics in some of our birds, therefore you may or may not hatch some goslings with buff splash or grey splash.

Sebastopol geese are a medium sized goose, they have a very sweet temperament and are easy keepers. For more information about their endangered status and the history of Sebastopols, please visit: American Livestock Breeds Conservancy.

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