Guinea Keets


Sold Out

Guinea Keets will be available the end of May 2018

Guineas are one of the best birds to use an "organic solution" to pest and bug problems on your property.  They will rid tick infested areas and can vastly help to reduce the spread of Lyme's disease.  Unlike chickens, guineas can be ranged in or near your vegetable gardens, since they do not scratch the ground, but instead search the plants for bugs, worms and caterpillars.  They have been known to ward off snakes as well!  They are one of the few birds known to eat the dreaded Brown Marmorated Stinkbugs.

We have the following colors:  Pearl, White, Pied, Lavender, & Royal Purple.  

Our Guineas are free ranged, so we cannot guarantee which colors you will get, but we will do our best to give you an assortment if possible.  

$5 Each - Must pickup at our farm.  Sorry, but we do not ship Guinea keets.