Carol Anderson Daylilies & Name Your Own Daylily!

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The "Name Your Own Daylily Program" is not available through our website, www.moonlightvalleyfarm.com.  Carol Anderson is a local daylily hybridizer and we are offering her information below to help her share her beautiful daylily creations with the public.  

By using the link below, you will be leaving Moonlight Valley Farm, LLC's website and purchasing directly from Carol Anderson.  



Carol Anderson hybridizes some of the most beautiful daylilies and her flowers are stunningly captured by her own photography as well!  She has helped us tremendously to get our start in the daylily business and we gratefully thank her for that.  She has extensive knowledge of the daylily and a keen "eye" for hybridizing gorgeous daylilies.  

Carol Anderson's Introductions...




Name Your Own Daylily

Visit Carol Anderson's Etsy shop for an opportunity to name your own daylily!  What a wonderful way to honor a loved one or to surprise a friend with a unique birthday gift!  A daylily named after someone special would also make a wonderful gift for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, Valentines Day, Easter or ANY occasion.

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 The pictures below are just a few of Carol's seedlings that are available to name.  


Name Your Own Daylily!

Previously Named Daylilies Hybridized by Carol

About Carol Anderson, Daylily Hybridizer...

"I've always been interested in genetics and breeding, whether of animals or plants. I got my first daylilies in 2003. After visiting Perfect Perennials and speaking to Diane Kendig my interest in doing a little pollen dabbing was sparked. It really took off after I purchased a number of plants from Bill Gutfleisch, who is now an AHS garden judge. He spent a lot of time explaining hybridizing to me and showing me some of the results of his own hybridizing program. I began by purchasing some seeds and by doing a little pollinating. I ended up with so many seeds of my own, that I didn't have room for them all, so I began selling seeds on Ebay and the Lilyauction.

One of the daylilies that resulted from seeds I had purchased was Wreathed In Teeth. I really wrestled with the idea of registering it, since it was from seed I purchased rather than a result of my own pollen dabbing. (Note: I don't like to say that I have created or even produced any seeds or flowers.... I only dabbed the pollen... GOD created the flowers). Sharan Gilchrist from Tulsa Oklahoma whom I had purchased a number of seeds from has become a very dear friend and she encouraged me to register it and helped me to "market" it when I introduced it on the Lilyauction in 2009. I registered a few other daylilies at the same time and have registered a few each year since. 2014 marked my first introduction from Wreathed In Teeth - Cat Bite Fever.

Coming up with names is fun, but can be a challenge. Some daylilies just demand a special name and take a lot of thought to come up with an appropriate name. Many of my intros are named after family members. Because of the challenge in choosing names and because of hearing several people say how great it must be to name a flower, I started to offer some Name Your Own daylilies on Etsy. They are all seedlings I've had for several years, that have performed well and that I use in in my hybridizing program...I just haven't been able to come up with names for them."

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