5 Assorted Emu Feathers


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This is an assorted mixed lot of 5 double plumed emu feathers.  The feathers will range in length from 3" - 12" long.  All feathers have been cleaned, dried and lightly scented and oiled with our proprietary essential oil blend for sheen and protection.

Emu feathers are double plumed on a single quill, so there are actually two feathers per quill (you will receive 5 double plumed feathers, which can be cut and separated into 10 single feathers).  These feathers make gorgeous earrings and hair extensions and can be dyed with virtually any color.

Please Note:  The feathers in the picture shown are not the actual feathers that you will receive, however they will be very similar in length and color.  The picture is listed as an example only.  

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